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September 10, 2018



Yes, it is all truly difficult to understand, it seemed to me that Jesus died on the cross to prove that the soul was eternal by coming back in three days,
this opened the door to salvation by our embracing of Gods commandments and not acquiring any more karma so that we do not have to return for another life,
as we sow what we reap the balance is maintained, Jesus is just another of God's Avatars just like Krishna to teach humanity,
rather than trying to read into or decipher what was meant, we should pay attention to what happened and take that as it was,
the duality of the material and the spiritual must be realized, our 3-dimensional existences are just the training grounds for our souls and until we know this we will continue to return and learn.


The entire Old Testament is full of examples of sacrifices that were “required”y God because God said so. Jesus said He willingly gave up His life, voluntarily. The idea of Christ as a once and for all sacrifice, is not in a vacuum. Although I can appreciate your desire to protect against heresy, I don’t see (unless I’m missing something) a biblical alternative being presented here (at least in this post). To me this is another attempt to retract from any image of a potentially violent God, than an actual exegetical response to a strong biblical theme of sacrifice as a necessity. Bless you and I appreciate any responses you may be able to provide.


Amen, brother

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