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September 26, 2018


Esther Hizsa

Thanks, Brad. I love how persistently loving God was to you and is to all of us.
Thanks for your honesty.

Amy Jo Yarbrough

Wow, this is beautiful. When we really need to hear something, God speaks it frequently for us, like a lighthouse leading us home.
When I was a teenager struggling with fundamentalism, God used to speak to my soul over and over... Not by might, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.
Your writings here Brad Jersak, remind me of my dear grandpa's grief, as my grandma was dying. My grandpa had just been miraculously healed of stage four bladder cancer and attributed it to faith. My grandma was not healing for whatever reason from her cancer . My grandpa in anguish, and anger, screamed out in private, "What is it God!! Do you heal? Or don't you?" He said that an overwheleming presence then flooded him and said... (basically audibly) it was such a sure voice, 'just REST in me, know me, trust me, love me.'

Jill Lise

Thanks Brad,
I too have been reading this verse almost daily, it keeps coming to me - and still I resist- but am drawn into it again.
I love these verses from “The Message” version.
Jill Lise - from Meadowvale Community Church Mississauga

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