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October 22, 2018


eric h janzen

Well said, Brad. It is precisely this understanding of Sin as a force of alienation that has helped me on my own journey with Jesus. Interestingly, when I learned to think of Sin in this way, my own heart experienced a deep sense of freedom. It began a more intimate relationship with Jesus for me...signaled a new season, so to speak. Though it is a brief verse, His words: 'Whom the Son sets free is free indeed,' serve as my anchor in this, for because he set me free, I am no longer alienated from him at all. This freedom and ending of alienation liberates me to relate to God free from hurdles and barriers (such as shame and guilt) and actually allows me to grow in the Spirit and not be bogged down by the inner accountant keeping track of all my failures. An end to alienation from God through Jesus' overcoming of Sin is truly a wondrous gift that I am humbled to have received.


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