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November 30, 2018



Thank you so much. Moving from water to wine is a extremely fearful process for me since I was raised as a hypercalvinist. I'm humbly learning. Like Abraham who traveled.

You speak truth and comfort at the same time. Thats amazing.

Robyn H

My priest recently when talking on Col. 3 drew our attention to the word "bear with one another" and commented on how in the church we do have to bear each other as a burden. But it is through the bearing and forgiving that we are transformed.

I thought I was a pretty good person until I was married. Later I had kids and found I was worse than I thought. God exposes our imperfection through our reactions to situations we find hard to bear. In that exposure I have the opportunity to give my brokenness to God and trust in His help to overcome and heal.

Thank you for your wonderful insight into fear and anger.

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