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December 19, 2018


Teresa Grosz Dalton

Hoping this comment feed is still going. Great article and comment! Would love to follow!

Mike Richardson

I was reading this morning of the Ezra account of repentance from taking wives from other nations. It suddenly struck me that this could be looked at allegorically as a foretelling of our repentance of wrongly placed desires. In the final judgement when we come to our true selves there will surely be such a repentance of when we Covenanted (married ourselves) to things we were not designed to. Our strong desire for them being in essence the same as Eve’s and Adam’s. So we need the ultimate sacrifice Christ made to cancel this debt we had covenanted with the enemy of all that is Love. The ramifications continue like a sunami through what I believe. I am in faith trusting that what remains after this wave will be of God. (Gold with the L taken away)

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