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May 18, 2019


Kenneth Tanner

Dr. Mitchell:

My first meaning is simply that the womb is the first environment of every human before we are born into the world and breath its air. We could as Christians go on to say that if Jesus Christ is the prototypical human, his first environment was likewise the womb of the Virgin. One could then argue for the importance or priority of the female over against terra firma to human flourishing on the basis of the incarnation of God in human flesh but the only thing in my mind when I wrote this was the womb as every human’s first cosmos. By the way, I first heard this notion from Brad in a private group text message exchange and then ran with it. 😃


Dr Roger Haydon Mitchell

I find this very interesting, but must admit to ignorance of the hermeneutic in use here. When Tanner says "before the earth" does this mean before in importance or before in chronology? I'm open to either but need more information on the second take! Feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is highly topical right now as you are aware.

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