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September 08, 2019


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Christian universalists have, as far as I can tell, never used the term "universalism" as a synonym for "pluralism". The point of universalism is just that salvation is universal. In this sense I think the word fits, while "hopeful inclusivism" sounds like someone who agrees with Clark Pinnock's understanding of soteriology--but is maybe not as sure as he was. The only thing needed to make the word "universalism" clearly Christian is the word "Christian". Robin Parry's "Evangelical Universalism" is equally clear, I think.


Another reason that you should not use the term "hopeful inclusivist" is that some Conditionalists like me use it for the view that, while not all will receive eternal life, we do not know that only those who die with faith in Christ will be ultimately joined with him. In other words, between the first and second death, we don't know a lot of what will happen.

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