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April 17, 2020


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Katie Skurja

So good, Kenneth.
"Love is revealed, not secret or hidden, and Love wins." Amen and amen.

Michael Rans

Thanks Kenneth. I agree with your article and wrote my thoughts on this topic here: https://medium.com/cruciformity/what-does-the-bible-say-about-false-reports-and-conspiracy-theories-b3db30c193f4 where I compare conspiracy theories with bearing false witness.


Thank you Kenneth! Greetings from the 🇳🇱

Love and recognize your perspective, beautiful intention of your writing:

Again, I am not suggesting that conspiracies do not in fact occur but they don’t for the Christian replace the story of the wounded God who loves the world that he makes and who dies for love of the world that he makes as the *true story* of the world, whatever temporary evils might preen or posture or imagine they control the destiny of anyone or anything.

God is never an agent in evil, so there *is* much that occurs in this world that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with his will. And we can, like God, be victims of evil.

Yet, the Christian trusts that God is orchestrating an end to evil where his total victory on the cross somehow makes all things well, and converts the greatest human and demonic conspiracy, our rejection and murder of God, into an infinite good that brings permanence to the cosmos and life without end to human nature, and that is why we fear not.

Love is revealed, not secret or hidden, and Love wins.

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