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November 19, 2020


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I find your point of view enlightening. I find it hard to know what the actual truth is and how to vote. It feels like we are being deceived by both sides and cannot even trust the reporting by the media. The good news is that Jesus is the way the TRUTH and the life.


Brad...there is so much I want to say in response to your recent comments about the US election, and to also respond to some of the others who have provided commentary on this issue. What I have generally concluded is, worldwide, government (the state) has become humankind's god. Constantly looking to government to provide for us and lead us is the substance of humankind's religion. We are always looking for a "messiah" to rule us and "give us manna from above." Ardent secularists and humanists have, in truth, become religious fundamentalists, whether they know it or not. Despite what people may say, we are not in a cultural war, or even a race war, we are engaged in a war between multiple religions.

I recall reading Brian Zahnd's book Postcards from Babylon and understanding that our only allegiance is to Christ, not to Babylon. Therefore, any vote is a vote for Babylon. In this last election, I voted for the Babylon I thought to be less intrusive on my freedom to follow Christ, and the version of Babylon more inclined to recognize the checks and balances (against human corruption) wisely included in the US Constitution. However, at the end of the day, Babylon of any flavor is corrupt as the day is long - and always will be. Christians are citizens of another kingdom.

Many Christian "thinkers" and commentators seem to come out swinging against one political worldview. Yet they remain strangely silent during the years that a Babylonian ruler is in place who is more to their liking. It doesn't really take much to read between the lines as to where their allegiances lie. Whether they wish to admit it or not, they are essentially attempting to serve two masters.

When I look at the growing worldwide religion of state, the movement toward globalization, the advancement in technologies that now tie us together in real time across the globe, I see a new Tower of Babel being constructed. Humankind will ultimately try to collectively re-establish itself as God, determining good from evil, and ruling over ourselves. And this is when (thankfully), Christ steps back on this earth and says "enough." Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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