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November 13, 2020



Hi Peter, Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I’m aware of this prophecy by Kim Clement and actually put it in the footnotes. You might notice that it doesn’t say anything about Trump’s presidency. I always wondered about this and then later found out that some people quote this prophecy together with the one about Obama, which makes no sense, since the second prophecy says very clearly about whom it it. It seems that those two messages were thrown together by some folks to create a different narrative. Hope that makes sense.


Hi Florian,

I found your article very well-researched and insightful. However, I am not convinced that you have read and quoted the right reference on page 9 with regards to Kim Clement's prophecy. You wrote, "It is unclear why anyone ever thought this prophecy predicted the Trump presidency, since Clement very clearly states about whom it is."

I think the prophecy that many people are referring to is the one below, which clearly mentions Trump and Bill Gates.


In the interest of diligence, truth and fairness, I think it is worth correcting your article if you can. It lives on the Internet and can be read some time after it was originally written. I am reading it on January 12, 2021.

God bless,


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