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January 20, 2021


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John Weddington

I really appreciate this. I would love to see a conversation between Zahnd or Jersak with Childers. My church just started a sermon series on progressive Christianity, and while I agree there are excesses, my pastor is using Childer's book as a launching pad, which scares me. It scares me because as Pete Enns points out, you might just create an atheist. I mean to say that if we argue from the wrong frame, or ask the wrong questions we will arrive at the wrong conclusions. In this case, we may not only be excluding our brothers and sisters, but create a false sense of security by bringing attention to the topic. And when our congregation finds themselves in conversation with some like me, they will be surprised to learn that their assumptions are misguided and they too quickly judged us. This could lead to a split, but not over truth, but over error.

Robert eric Rosemund jr

thanks for letter i am one of the uncomfortable middlers who do not affirms inerrancy
my evangelical writers are keener witherington olson keller

BUt also reading hayes,witherington,campbell,gaventa,rohr,barclay,gorman who are quite different from childers narrow secterian christianity

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