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February 04, 2021



There is no injunction against repetition (think of the Cherubim) only against vain repetition. The only repetition I’m aware of—Lord, have mercy—is never in vain.


On the one hand, the costumes and sanctuaries are elaborate in order to emulate the majesty of the heavenly throne room. On the other, you’re right to see the temptations involved. That said, I’m not able to judge motives.


Hi, I have found this journal to be a place where fascinating discoveries of the Christian faith are to be had. I come from a Protestant background but ever since discovering Maximus the Confessor in my early walk of faith a part of me has wondered about the other faith traditions in Christianity.

What I have not reconciled is the ecclesia of the Orthodox and Catholic traditions as it appears. Without sounding rude, why the garb at times seeming so ostentatious? Certain there are reasons to the "outer" expression in the Orthodox tradition but how different from Protestant expression (Calvary Chapel for instance the ecclesia I belong to)!

And what about the phylacteries of the Pharisees or the injunction to not pray as the heathens do with vain repetition?


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