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June 30, 2021


Maribeth Trueblood

These insights are amazingly timely for me, a 70 year old! My desires are vacillating between caring for community for the rest of my days or reading theology. Thank you! —Maribeth


What refreshing and remarkably timely insights Felicia has prophetically mined from this familiar text! It’s as if Trinity was opening our eyes anew, like the disciples on the Emmaus Road, to see what has been there all along in Scripture but hidden from our perception because of inherited religious, racial and/or gender-based stigmatism.

There is SO much real-world wisdom in Felicia’s article that is worthy of further reflection and honest conversation. Each could fill weeks of transformative conversation for those willing to hold space for the ‘other’ across the unhealed wounds of social injustice as we learn to embody the way of kenotic Love in all of life. With the intensifying of social media driven culture wars that further polarize and paralyze both the Church and society from meaningfully addressing personal and systemic change, we would do well to sit with Felicia’s many soul-searching questions and recognize how often we are unconsciously out of alignment with the uncoercive and unconditional love of our co-suffering God:

“If love is the structure in which freedom is governed then how do we live freely with those who oppose or care less about our existence and full humanity? How do we live and move and have our being in concert with others among the dissonance and clashes?... Why do I need you to believe what I believe the way I believe it or use the same language I use? Why is sameness so comforting that we set out to recreate the world in our image, with our likes and preferences? Why do we buy into the lie that we can control people?” 

In light of recent revelations regarding the thousands of unnamed indigenous children lost to the cultural genocide of residential schools here in Canada, for those who are learning what it means to walk the path of real reconciliation, this is a timely call to deeper empathy and vulnerability that authentically enters into the ‘others’ space, place and pain, to listen and learn without self-serving expectations or agenda.

I am so much like Martha, loved and embraced by Jesus as I am, yet so needing “to gaze into the eyes of Love. Only Love burns away the whispers, the judgments, the expectations, the demands, the desire for what I perceive to be right. Only Love tends the wound of offense.”

Felicia, we need to hear more of your voice and look through your lens as Trinity continues to open our collective ears and eyes to prophetically hear, see and respond to what the Spirit is saying. And Brad Jersak and others who carry the vision for The Clarion Journal, thank you for all you have done and are doing. Please keep this depth and calibre of enriching content coming.

Felicia Murrell

Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate you sharing how this article resonated and the echo for us to sit in Love's invitation together. May it be so, dear brother. May it be so.

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