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August 17, 2021


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David Karmel

Thank you for this well written article. What concerns me the most, at this point, is where's the next Afghanistan? Lets pray once again that we learned from Viet Nam and now Afghanistan. Lets steer clear of the madness that has created this mess....where now? Use our military and our treasury to advance humanitarian objectives.

Martha Greenhow

Thank you for this posting. You have given us a deeply personal perspective on Afghanistan and I feel its truth. You mention that religion should have played more of a part in the strategy of the war. I think 'religion' or faith could play a part in your life now. God sees your anguish and the anguish of many others - other veterans, the people of Afghanistan, and more. God sees and cares. May God heal the wounds caused by the war and the misguided policies and give you strength and courage in these distressing times. And may Afghanistan struggle through to peace, justice, and security.

Paul C Larson

I completely agree with the basic thesis of this article; Afghanistan is a very mountainous country so governance and allegiance are all at the very local valley or at most regional level. From ancient times conquerors have come and gone, and left it largely to itself. More recently Britain fought several Afghan wars, the USSR tried and failed, and now we tried and failed. All attempts to impose some outside solution will fail. If there is to be any hope for this poor war torn country it will have to be found, as the author suggests through education and local valley by valley projects

Lynne Walter

Thank you for this article. I am not American and have long questioned the idea that Americans are the guardians of the free world. What you have articulated resonates with some of the things that I have instinctively felt to be true. I pray for Afghanistan and her people. May they find just ways of ordering their own society in a way that works for them.

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