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June 09, 2023


Florian Berndt

Great thoughts Eric! I remember that even some of the pioneers of early deliverance ministries were not sure what to make of the ontologly of the demonic back in the day. Over the years however I've seen a lot of these ministries promote increasingly disturbing practices that are not in alignment with the Gospel, and which hindered us to really address the problem of evil. One of the things that really made me rethink the whole issue from a scriptural point of view is that the New Testament doesn't really address the demonic in ontological terms, e. g. none of the spirits Jesus or his disciples deal with with have personal names but are described as spirits of infirmity, unclean spirits, etc. (I don't see the story of 'Legion' as referring to an actual name.)Even the terms 'the devil' or 'the satan' are titles not personal names. What I like about Brad's article, linked to your reflections, is that it points out how we have mythologized evil - in the same way as we've projected our own inner mythologies of perceived separation unto our relationship with the Divine. And I am saying this as someone who was heavily involved in deliverance ministry in the late 90s. Now, I have a lot more questions about this and space and time won’t permit to go deeper into some of these issues here, but you raised important points here and am looking forward to see how this conversation evolves over time.

I found these articles by Bible translator Jonathan Mittchell also quite thought provoking:



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