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August 31, 2023


Rene Lafaut

I think Richard Murray is much like me. I felt the pull of heavenly wisdom (from Jesus) and the pull of carnal wisdom when it came to how do I keep “turn the other cheek” by Jesus. I read stuff by Brad Jersak and Derek Flood, along with wrestling with Jesus’ words in the Scriptures. I wanted peace and direction in how to treat my fellow humans with love. Carnal wisdom doesn’t feel healthy to me anymore. However heavenly wisdom does feel healthy now. I don’t want to become my enemy… or my enemy become me (in the wrong way). Demonizing people is wrong. Hating people is wrong. Giving people what I think they deserve is not real justice. Giving people what they need is restorative justice. The Good News is that God wants to give us what we need, not what we deserve. By giving us what we need, we are forever grateful for His unconditional love. Who doesn’t see people differently when they give us what we need and not what we deserved. I wrote a book called, “Contrasting Humility and Pride” that speaks in part to my early struggles in finding non-violence as the healthier path forwards. Now I’ve written a new book called: “Pursuing Righteousness Along the Path to Love” that continues the journey forwards with Jesus’ grace (unmerited favor; empowering presence). It is almost finished the editing process. It will be on amazon… etc… not too long from now if interested???

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