Dan Taubensee

Having just discovered Clarion myself (through Brad Jersak’s instagram account), and having just read and agreed with Stephen Berg’s post on this page, I nominate Stephen Berg to share some of his poetry through this journal. Visit

Stephen Berg

Having just discovered Clarion through reading Michael Hardin's latest book, I've been enjoying the recent posts and sifting through some of the archives. There's a lot of richness here, not to mention some inspirational orienteering. Perhaps not surprising, browsing your author lineup. So thank you! Suggestions? A touch of poetry would be nice (and a website update, but you already knew that). But again, thank you! for this thoroughly worthy aim and effort, in such an age as this.


Thank you for this recommendation! If you know her, perhaps you could also commend us to her in hopes that she'll contribute.

Terry McBride Berard

I would recommend the Rev Dr Lissa Wray who teaches at Otterburn, Manitoba.
She was a Penecostal Pastor who embraced the Anglican Theology. Her Speciality is Old Testament Theology.
I think she would be a female theologian for your journal.
Terry Berard
hi Brad Jersak--I am from St Paul's Anglican Church in Edmonton




You need more women writers, yea some women theologians!!! ASAP!!!

Break open the "evangelical" mold !!!

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